An Acidic Mess…


Tonight was suppose to be nothing more than another Friday night of my weekly spiritual studies and then, home.
Then I added a small, tiny, minis-cure plan to see my old high school friends who I’ve not seen for 3 years in a local karaoke.
Little did I know that this small encounter would end up as a very spiny, smelly situation…

for internet saftey, I shall refer to the following people I mention in my story as: Xx, Vich, Hulk, J, K, By, Epic, Shack, Step, Dwarf, Invit, Intox, and Winn.

The plan was simple. Pop right in to a group of old friends who’re busy singing their songs and minding their business, then pop right out.
But like any under prepared strategies, everything went south right from the get-go.

I was walking towards the karaoke place with a friend after our weekly spiritual studies ended. Chatting and joking around, we arrived near my destination where we’d split to each of our objectives. Her, waiting until her boyfriend finished work nearby a restaurant within a few hours. Me, quickly seeing my friends and coming to keep her company until her boyfriend finished work.

As I reached downstairs, into the hallway echoing with many mixtures of music from different booths of people singing their songs, I call Invit, to see which room they’re in.
Invit enters the hall quietly enough that anyone from her room didn’t realize she had gone out.

Greeting to me, we head back into the booth where the main group of my old high school buddies are.
And there they were, looking the same as they always had; Xx, Vich, Hulk, K, Epic, Shack, Step, Dwarf, and Invit. They’re all surprised to see me. But not as happy to greet me as Xx who jumps my hails me with a big smile I haven’t seen for 4 years.

Soon enough, Shack throws and mid-air bro fist to show how we remembers our old times but at the same time, stays his distance, fearful of my signature hug.
After greeting a few more people, I join a spot next to Epic who is as chill as always. Smiling that nice smile that’s easy on the eyes, and the body language that welcomes anything you have to say even if he’s not completely listening.

Although the rest of the gang notices my arrival, no one else really get out of their way to welcome me. After all, its been a full 2 and more years since I’ve last seen them. I ask Epic about a couple of others I’ve never seen before, and I’m introduced to J,By, and Intox. With a small greetings that I could voice within the reverberating room of sound, I greet my friend’s friends with a nice smile so we can also be friends.

I end up hitting it off with a couple of the guys there. I say a story, then ask how their doing, and move on to another ear that’s willing to listen.  Repeating this cycle a couple more times and I soon realize I wasn’t going to leave anytime soon.
It was me who didn’t want to move from that spot anytime soon. After all, I simply wanted to stay and enjoy my time with old friends I haven’t seen for a long, long time.

Soon enough, I realize that within the complex rule of no alcohol, my old buddies had brought alcohol.
But I was too eased up from seeing my friends that I, personally thought ‘screw the rules.’
I wanted to enjoy what little time I had here.

Oddly enough, after a unknown amount of time passing by, I hope that everyone knows their limit because I certainly didn’t know theirs. I hoped in the back of my mind that they’re be able to hold their liquor, or at least, stop when need be.

Sadly, that is but a sad tale when you’re surrounded by high sounding friends and loud sounding music. One of us end up slowly but surely sinking to a subtle slumber as the rest of us sing our vocal cords away.

As we reached the near end of our karaoke time limit, one of us start to realize that Intox might actually be very, very intoxicated.
She starts to say she needs to go to the washroom with her head spinning in circles, yet is unable to stand on her own two feet.
The rest of the girls exit our booth to help her out and that’s when shit starts to break out real.

Back and forth conversation between the boys inside the booth and the girls outside the booth manage to deliver the message that Intox is pretty much Blacked Out at this point.
If any of you kiddies aren’t sure what Blacked Out refers to, its when a person drinks so much their mind is no long fully conscious because their capable thoughts has literally blacked out. Incapable of controlling any voluntary or involuntary actions, you’re left with whatever your body reacts to or those around you make you do.

Thankfully I can say that since Intox was surrounded by her friends who actually care for her and aren’t dicks. The girls were doing what they needed to do to help Intox out.

Its at this point we, the boys, realize, ‘oh shoot, we need to start cleaning up since there’s so much alcohol around us, we’re screwed if a staff walks in a discovers this mess!’
Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of ways you can trash alcohol in a small booth that doesn’t have a trash bin.
The main solution to hide the traces of liquid alcohol is to drink it. But due to a series of unfortunate events, the boys are all pretty much full at this point.

So guess who’s actually stuck with clean up duties?
… Yours truly. Myself.
Starting from wiping down the wet table to alcohol stains and chugging the three cans of 2/3 full beers, I try to stay my head despite the many shots of strongs I had before this.

Miraculously, I somehow  clean the table and ground and sofas to the best of my abilities and I tell the boys to grab all the remaining things and dip as a staff enters the booth.
At this point, I think I’m on clear grounds. I don’t recall if I actually did a proper job or if the staff could smell the alcohol but I dipped the heck out of t here.

The boys solved their problems, now the girls needed to finish on what was happening to Intox.

As I exit out of the building, I look for a trash to dump the emptied cans and bottles of alcohol we’ve smuggled out of the complex so that we don’t end up reported.
I end up leaving the bag next to a public bin to end up seeing my sights on a new acquaintance I made today knocked the clear light bulbs out.

J was princess carrying Intox out of the building and he was out of breath from the climb of stairs he had to ascend. Guess who the girls looked at to take over J’s duty?

I carry her out of the building, being careful to not let her choke from:
A) her puke coming out from alcohol intoxication
B) the plastic bag covering her face holding the puke from alcohol intoxication.
And must I say, the smell is something you don’t really want to be continually smelling unless your the one puking.

One way or another, We get her in a semi-prone position to ease her the best we could. I speak to her, knowing she’s half-conscious hoping that she understands what’s going on.

At this point, I remember where I am. I’m in one of the most busiest intersection where any of my fellow nationalities are easily recognized.
Then I see my friend from the weekly studies walking around to see why a group of young adolescence is huddling around a single girl for.

I do what I can and disguise my face to the best of my abilities. I cover my face with what little long hair I have.
Call me stupid (after all the stupid things that happened tonight) but the last thing I need is rumors spreading about me handling a unconscious girl with 8 other guys circulating in my neighborhood.

I asked myself once more at this point;
“How did I end up like this?”
One moment, I was coming to see my old friends for 15 minutes.The next, I’m singing and dancing with them.
Then, I’m chugging and wiping alcohol while cleaning up all the other mess my friends made.
And now, here holding a girl who’s half-conscious puking all the distilled water out from her inside.

. . .

Thankfully, we all end up solving the problem together.
Four of the guys, and a designated driver drives Intox home without disrupting the rest of the household.
Me and the others relax while we wait, contemplating about all that has happened.

But despite all the potential rumors that might spread,
Despite all the acidic smell and water spread on my body,
Despite all the extra unassigned work that I put myself into..

I’d say I had a good time.
Hanging with my old friends and all.


But now that that’s all over and done. I think Ima head for some sleep myself…

Please remember that my blog includes many stories of fiction; do not take any context in any seriousness as I am not liable for any misunderstandings this will cause.